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Our Philosophy

The Southbrook Early Learning Centre Philosophy

The management, teachers and staff are committed to creating a stimulating, loving family environment, which is open and caring towards children and their families/whanau. We respect individual needs and differences and aim to promote high self-esteem and healthy relationships between children, parents and staff.

We provide a safe and healthy environment for children to grow and learn emotionally, cognitively and physically. Our comprehensive, balanced, flexible programme reflects the children’s interests in ways that are developmentally appropriate to the age and stage of the children.

We provide children with a warm, supportive relationship with adults recognising the importance of building nurturing relationships amongst both children and their family/whanau.

Our staff are very professional, and are positive role models for children.

Ongoing professional support and development is provided to staff to ensure the continuation of high standards of care and education for your children. We implement effective and efficient management systems to promote the smooth and happy operation of the centre, children, staff and family/whanau.