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About Us

About Southbrook Early Learning Centre

We have a holistic approach to education and run the well renowned Brain Gym and Yoga programmes within the curriculum every day.

Purpose built in 2007 the preschool provides three different areas for the children, the Kiwi room for babies, the Tui room for our children up to four years, and the Pukeko room for the older children.

The Kiwi Room

Our babies, infants and toddlers are nurtured in a warm, stimulating but peaceful environment, where the daily routines are fluid to match the routines that parents have established at home. There is a separate sleep room where the sleeping children are constantly monitored, and a private outdoor area designed for and used only by our under two children. The curriculum reflects the developmental level of the children, and includes a variety of experiences to stimulate their sensory development, gross and fine motor skills, music appreciation and socialisation.

All children have a primary and secondary care teacher who is responsible for their day to day routines. Additionally, each child has a dedicated profile teacher who documents their learning and development in stories, which the family is encouraged to contribute to.

The main focus of our Kiwi room environment is to provide the love and nurture that is so essential to a small child, combined with the consistency and predictability of the routines that they experience at home. We assess each child's readiness to progress to the Tui Room and in consultation with the families, ensure a calm and peaceful transition into the older classroom.

The Tui Room

The Tui room is a busy and happy area where the children are encouraged to develop their own independence and skills in a supportive and encouraging environment. Planning and the curriculum becomes more structured and children have more formal mat times and learning times, including baking, art and lots of messy play! The developmental stage of turn taking and sharing becomes an ongoing teaching experience that we encourage within our children. They have access to a busy and challenging outdoor area where the learning opportunities and experiences continue.

The Pukeko Room

At approximately 4 years old the children move through to the Pukeko Room where the development of social skills, independence and pre-school skills continues. Our main focus is on empowering the children to resolve problems, and think of solutions with guidance and support from the teachers. At this age their learning continues rapidly but alongside nurturing and loving support from the teachers.

Curriculum is planned with great thought and consideration of the children’s interests, and project work is focused on involving the children at every step of the way. We have strong links to the local primary schools and have implemented a curriculum that will support them and provide them with the skills and confidence in the big milestone of their transition to school.